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Latest polling ahead of the Chilean presidential election continues to show left-wing Apruebo Dignidad (AD, Approve Dignity) alliance candidate Gabriel Boric leading in first round polling and ahead of both main challengers in hypothetical second-round match ups. Conservative Chile Vamos candidate Sebastian Sichel sits in second place in the first round poll, making a left-right contest in the run-off the most likely scenario come the election.

  • Chile, La Cosa Nostra poll: Presidential election (first round) Boric (AD): 36% (+22), Sichel (ChV): 27% (+18), Provoste (NPS): 15% (new) , JA Kast (FSC): 12% (new). +/- vs. 10-24 May '21.
  • Presidential election (run-off): Boric (AD): 53%, Sichel (ChV): 47%
  • Presidential election (run-off): Boric (AD): 52%, Provoste (NPS): 48%
  • Presidential election (run-off): Provoste (NPS): 54%, Sichel (ChV): 46%
    • All fieldwork: 6-14 September '21Sample size: 600