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Following on from our earlier bullet with the latest presidential opinion polling from Chile (see 1215BST EM bullet), the second round polls make good reading for candidates on the left. In any of the scenarios that first round frontrunner Gabriel Boric makes the second round he is seen as a comfortable victor, while in the scenario that centre-left nominee Yasna Provoste is up against conservative Sebastian Sichel in the run-off it is Provoste who would win if the poll were reflected in the final result.

  • Provoste (NPS, centre-left to liberal): 53% (+6), Sichel (ChV, liberal to conservative): 47% (-6)
  • Boric (AD, left): 55% (-1), Provoste (NPS, centre-left to liberal): 45% (+1)
  • Boric (AD, left): 65% (-1), J. A. Kast (FSC, conservative|right): 35% (+1)
  • Boric (AD, left): 55% (+2), Sichel (ChV, liberal to conservative): 45% (-2)
  • All polls Cadem/Plaza P├║blica, +/- vs. 1-3 September '21, Fieldwork: 14-16 September '21. Sample size: 709