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President Emmanuel Macron and right-wing nationalist National Rally leader Marine Le Pen retain top spots in recent hypothetical polling from Elabe ahead of next year's presidential election. Le Pen and Macron would make it through to the second round whether the centre-right Les Republicains select Valerie Pecresse or Xavier Bertrand as their presidential candidate (although Betrand's polling shows a narrower gap between second and third).

  • Scenario: Pécresse as LR (EPP) candidate: Macron (LREM-RE): 26% (-4), Le Pen (RN-ID): 23%, Pécresse (LR-EPP): 14% (+3), Mélenchon (FI-LEFT): 8% (-2). +/- vs. 28-29 June 2021 Fieldwork: 11-13 September 2021Sample size: 1,200Reply
  • Scenario: Bertrand as LR (EPP) candidate Macron (LREM-RE): 26% (-3), Le Pen (RN-ID): 23% (-2), Bertrand (LR-EPP): 16% (+2), Mélenchon (FI-LEFT): 8% (-1). +/- vs. 28-29 June 2021. Fieldwork: 11-13 September 2021. Sample size: 1,200