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     BEIJING (MNI) - The following lists highlights from Tuesday's China press:
     --The Chinese economy is in a period of slowing growth that may last one to
two years, as market forces, policies and uncertainties last year pushed the
real economy and capital markets to a lull, the Securities Times said in a
commentary. The slowdown should only be temporary and in the next three to five
years or even longer period, China has potential to grow further, as long as
policymakers don't make fundamental errors, the newspaper said. China's
urbanization is far from completion, market-based reform will drive reallocation
of capital, further boosting production and consumption, it said. 
     --China's State Council said it will support lending to private companies
by letting banks boost capital, according to a readout following Premier Li
Keqiang's weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday. While mindful of "a credit
flooding," regulators will allow banks to increase the issuances of perpetual
debt, lower their barriers for selling preferred shares and convertible debt,
allow funds and annuities to participate, and encourage overseas financial
institutions to participate.
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