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     BEIJING (MNI) - China's January aggregate financing more than doubled from
December to CNY5.07 trillion, beating the CNY4.2 trillion market consensus, a
data released Thursday by the People's Bank of China(PBOC) showed. Money supply
growth slowed from the previous month.
     Here are the main points: 
     - The PBOC now includes China Government Bonds and general local government
bonds in totalling the aggregate financing, starting from December.
     - M2 rose 8.4% y/y, slowing from the 8.7% rise in December and lower than
8.5% forecast by most economists.
     - New loans totalled CNY3.34 trillion, nearly tripling to CNY1.14 trillion
in December, and was higher than the projected CNY3.01 trillion.
     - Shadow banking transactions expanded by CNY180.9 billion, compared to
December's reduction of CNY145.9 billion. Entrusted loans shrank by CNY2.6
billion, while trust loans and undiscounted bankers' acceptances expanded by
CNY43.2 billion and CNY140.3 billion. 
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