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Polish Equities Correct as PLN weakens


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     TOKYO (MNI) - The pace of the annual inflation rate in Tokyo, a leading
indicator of the national average, stood at 1.0% on year in October, unchanged
from September, reconfirming than any pick-up in inflation remains slow,
compared with the overall economic recovery.
     The data showed that the rise in the inflation rate is still restricted by
the structural factors that the BOJ mentioned in July, and the central bank's
view on the outlook for inflation remains cautious.
     In central Tokyo, the core consumer price index excluding fresh food rose
1.0% on year in October for the 16th straight year-on-year rise, with the pace
of increase unchanged from September, government data released Friday showed.
     The core-core CPI (excluding fresh food and energy) -- a key indicator of
the underlying trend of inflation -- rose 0.6% on year in October, slowing from
+0.7% in September.
     The CPI in the capital is a leading indicator of the national CPI for
October, due out on Nov. 22. It indicates that the core CPI in October will rise
+1.0% on year, unchanged from +1.0% in September.
     The rise in Japan's inflation rate remains muted, but BOJ officials
believed that it is in an improving trend.
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