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--China President Of N Korea Talks Precedent
By Iris Ouyang
     BEIJING (MNI) - China is proposing phasing in enhanced intellectual
property protection and measures against forced technology transfer over six
years in trade talks with the U.S., but Beijing is holding out against meeting
all of Washington's demands for structural reform to its economy, a source with
knowledge of the issue told MNI.
     While China has made "some concessions" on structural reform, talks on a
mechanism to enforce any agreement are also ongoing, the source said on Friday.
     A Florida summit between presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump to seal a
deal could be delayed into April or later, the source said, noting that the
Chinese were concerned the U.S. leader might make last-minute changes of the
sort that led to the break-up of his recent meeting with North Korea's Kim
     The most likely initial outcome from talks would be the removal by the U.S.
of 10% tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion, while an additional 25%
tariff on a further $50 billion of Chinese products would only be lifted when
China delivers on its commitments, the source said.
     U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had said a meeting could come as
early as the end of March.
     Both Democrats and Republicans are pressing the U.S. administration not to
     sign a deal without promises by China to make structural changes ranging
from reforms to state-owned enterprises, cuts in subsidies and an end to what
Washington calls forced technology transfers.
     The source's comments came as U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad said
     the two sides haven't set a date for the summit as the "vast majority of
issues" need to be resolved, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
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