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Latest polling from IBRiS shows that if the main opposition parties in Poland ran on a united ticket in the next legislative election, the alliance would be in a good position to oust the governing right-wing United Right coalition (ZP).

  • Scenario: United Opposition - Civic Coalition (KO), Poland2050 (PL2050), Left (Lewica), Polish People's Party (PSL), Agreement (P) - list: United Opposition: 50% (+3), ZP: 40% (-2), Confederation (Kon): 10% (-1). +/- vs. 6 October 2021 Fieldwork: 23 November 2021Sample size: 1,100
  • Scenario: KO runs with Lewica; PL2050 with PSL and P: ZP: 39% (-4), KO/Lewica: 29% (-1), PL2050/PSL/P: 21% (+4), Kon: 10%. +/- vs. 6 October 2021. Fieldwork: 23 November 2021. Sample size: 1,100
  • Support for the ZP gov't of PM Mateusz Morawiecki is coming under pressure in a number of areas. The migrant crisis on the country's border with Belarus has resulted in some blowback against the gov't, although many of its supporters have praised Morawiecki for holding firm against the Belarusian gov'ts 'hybrid attack'. Ongoing fights with the EU and a new plan to register every pregnancy in the country will only serve to further entrench divisions betwen social conservatives and liberals in the polarised political landscape.