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US FIX - 05/08/21


Post LIBOR Settle Update


Snap Election Speculation Continues To Mount

Pushing lower: *RES 3: 120.01 High...>

EURO-YEN TECHS: Pushing lower:
*RES 3: 120.01 High Sep 13 and the bull trigger
*RES 2: 119.19 Channel resistance drawn off Apr 17 high
*RES 1: 118.56 High Sep 24
*PRICE: 117.86 @ 08:41 GMT Sep 27
*SUP 1: 117.45 Intraday low and 61.8% Sep3 - Sep13 rally
*SUP 2: 117.28 Low Sep 5
*SUP 3: 116.85 76.4% retracement Sep3 - Sep13 rally
EURJPY remains softer this week with a fresh low print overnight in Asia. A
failure recently to clear bear channel resistance drawn off the Apr 17 high
continues to weigh on sentiment. 117.56 support, Sep 12 low has been breached
and this signals the potential for a deeper move lower towards the Sep 3 low of
115.87, the next key support. On the upside, a break of channel resistance at
119.19 today and of resistance at 120.01 is still the requirement for a