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     TOKYO (MNI) - The annual consumer inflation rate in Tokyo, a leading
indicator of the national average, accelerated in September from August, driven
by higher energy and processed food prices, data from the Ministry of Internal
Affairs and Communications released Friday showed.
     The key points from the latest Tokyo CPI data:
     * The Tokyo core consumer price index (excluding fresh food) rose 1.0% on
year in September, coming in slightly firmer than the MNI median economist
forecast for +0.9%. It was the 15th straight y/y rise after +0.9% in August.
     * In the capital, processed food prices rose 1.1% on year in September
after +1.0% in August, pushing up the total CPI by 0.24 percentage point. The
contribution from this item was 0.02 point higher in September than in August.
     * The energy costs accelerated to +6.4% in September from +5.8% in August.
It contributed a positive 0.32 percentage point to the total CPI in September
and the contribution was 0.03 point higher than in August.
     * The September core CPI was also supported by a one-off technical factor.
Overseas holiday tours costs jumped 13.0% in September after rising 3.9% in
     * The core-core CPI (excluding fresh food and energy) -- a key indicator of
the underlying trend of inflation -- rose 0.7% on year in September in Tokyo,
also accelerating from +0.6% in August.
--MNI Tokyo Bureau; tel: +81 90-4670-5309; email: