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SONIA Dove Strikes Again

*Sep14 dollar-yen open Y110.49, range...>

YEN SUMMARY: *Sep14 dollar-yen open Y110.49, range Y110.41 to Y110.73
*Dollar-yen opened in Asia toward the upper side of yesterday's Y109.91 to
Y110.69 range, where firmer US rate yields and higher equities underpinned the
*Early trading saw dollar-yen consolidate between Y110.41 and Y110.57
*Tokyo-fix related demand then took hold to push the dollar higher from Y110.53
to Y110.63. Post-fix, the move extended to Y110.73 before stalling
*A report that N. Korea had threatened to use nuclear bomb to sink Japan pushed
the dollar lower from around Y110.68 to Y110.45 before consolidating around
Y110.50 ahead of the European open
*Key resistance is located at Y110.91 (50% fib Y114.49-Y107.32), while initial
hourly support is located at Y110.38.
*Japanese exporter supply is reported between Y110.80 and Y111.00, with stops
above Y111.10 on the radar, while demand is cited Y109.90-00.
*Option expiries for today include; Y110.45-50($1.06bn) and Y111.00($894mn)
*US CPI is seen as the main event risk for the session(s) ahead