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Bearish Focus


Updated Barclays/Bbg Extension Estimates for US


Late Session Selling

JGBS: The 10-Year JGB was last at 150.43, the 10-Year gapped higher on the open
to then dip after retail sales came in as expected but positive at +0.8% MoM
from -1.7% prior. The 10-Year then took a 4 tick bid after 1-3 and 3-5-Year
sector purchasing operations, which were unchanged from previous operations. The
Yen remains weakened and Japanese stocks hurt on the session, winding down from
Friday's gains, supporting the bidding for bonds.
- The 3 to 5-Year sector today received the highest amount of bids this year for
the sector with 1,523.7bln for a total of 300.1bln purchases ultimately. Yields
are mixed across the curve, down on the belly, the 10-Year is down 0.4bp and so
is the 3-Year, the long end 30 and 40-Years are up 0.1bp.
- The JGB 10-Year ended the overnight session up 1 tick as U.S. economic growth
came through stronger than expected. 
- Barclays say highlights for this week are: "The BoJ MPM (30-31 October), the
BoJ's bond-buying plans for November (31 October) and the 10y JGB auction (1
November). We expect the BoJ to retain the bond-buying ranges for all sectors in