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Fresh Session Lows After RBA's Lowe Speaks


Lowe "Welcomes A Lower Exchange Rate"

- The US 10-year Tsy yield has edged...>

BOND SUMMARY: - The US 10-year Tsy yield has edged up to 3.076% from 3.055%.
- The JGB curve has steepened with the 2s10s spread widening to 22.4bps from
- The longer end of the German bund curve has rallied. The 10-year bund trades
at 0.459%, down from a morning high of 0.481%, with the 2s10s spread trading
down to 99.5bps from 101.0bps.
- French OAT yields have broadly drifted lower since the open. The 2-year trades
at -0.385% down from -0.377% and the 10-year trades at 0.778% from 0.795%.
Preliminary PMI data for September came in a touch weaker than expected.
- The longer end of the Italian BTP curve has rallied with the 10-year yield
trading down to 2.840% from a high of 2.884%, with the curve slightly flatter.
- Gilt yields are broadly down 1-2bps. UK Prime Minister Theresa May is under
fresh pressure following a unanimous decision among EU leaders to reject the
'Chequers Deal'.
- Euro$ futures are 0.5-1.0 ticks lower. Euribor futures are flat to 1.5 ticks