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Japan To Observe Holiday


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Liquidity Sapped By Local Holiday


AUD Edges Lower After Volatile Wednesday


(Z1) Bearish Trend Condition


U.S. Tsys Help Futures To Twist Flatten Overnight

GILTS: Today the DMO will hold quarterly investor and GEMM consultation meetings
to discuss issuance for Oct-Dec. The DMO is proposing 2 short, 3 medium, 2 long
and 3 linkers auctions while also consulting on syndications. The Minutes will
be released tomorrow morning.
- Shorts (2 auctions): We would be surprised if the DMO did not auction the
0.625% Jun-25 gilt at both auctions. The DMO has said it envisages at least one
auction for the issue.
- Mediums (3 auctions): Again, we would be surprised if the DMO chose to auction
anything other than the 0.875% Oct-29 gilt. It has said it expects to auction
this issue at least twice.
- Longs (2 auctions): We expect the 1.75% Jan-49 gilt to be issued at least once
and for the second auction to either be another issue of the 1.75% Jan-49 or the
1.75% Jul-57 gilt. The DMO issued no expectations here.
- Linkers (3 auctions): We would expect 1-2 auctions of the 0.125% Aug-28 linker
and one auction of either the 0.125% Aug-41 or 0.125% Aug-48 linker. (1/2)