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The Bank of Canada targets 2% inflation by adjusting benchmark overnight interest rates and was the first central bank to have such a target among G7 nations. Governors serve seven-year terms and often face other issues such as a Canadian dollar influenced by prices for exported commodities and an economic cycle that can diverge from the U.S., the country's dominant trading partner. Policy is set at eight fixed announcement dates a year, four of them coming with a major economic forecast paper. Based in Ottawa, the Bank's headquarters opened in 1935 and now has its own enclosed garden to get staff through long winters. The BOC is also responsible for producing bank notes, overseeing major payment systems, and carrying out government bond auctions, while regulation of commercial banks is left to a separate agency.

  • Exclusive Bank of Canada Insight stories - based on extensive reporting by MNI journalists.
  • Exclusive on-the-record interviews with Bank of Canada officials.
  • MNI Central bank policy analysis – before and after key meetings. This includes:
    • MNI POV (Point of View) – The MNI Market team's view on what the key themes to watch in the decision/press conference/forecasts and possible market reaction.
    • MNI Central Bank Data Watch - key economic variables that are important to global markets and percentage movements since the last central bank meeting.
    • Market-leading insights into central bank policy, from sell-side note summaries to full meeting previews/reviews for major central banks.
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