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ANZ: Activity Back To 2020 Levels


Futures Decline For First Day In Four


Bounces Off Session Lows

US TSYS: *** Treasuries recover more with dip buying occurring as the cash
10-year note struggled, but managed to get yield back below 2.326% 200-day
moving average, now at 2.323%. 
- Treasuries now climbed back to midrange after whipsaw morning: selloff on view
that potentially hawkish Kevin Warsh cld be under serious consideration for Fed
Chair after WSJ, Wash. Post said Trump met Warsh Thu, said traders. Tsys also
slid on firmer MNI Chicago report. 
- But Tsys rebounded off low as Trump admin said it is still considering keeping
Fed Chr. Yellen, and/or has other candidates for such Chr. Some observers do not
particularly like Warsh. 
- But others are raving fans, said if Warsh would help drive US econ to solid
growth vs "incentivizing" companies to do financial tricky things to boost
stocks in ways that do not aid average Joes; he wld prefer companies invest real
money in say factories, get jobs going etc, cut down wealth/income gap, boost
middle class etc. He is deemed close in philosphy to Carnegie Mellon's Marvin
Goodfriend, who was at Richmond Fed from 1999-2005, said observers.