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Deborah Haynes at Sky News tweets: "The UK says it's door is "ajar" for diplomacy with Iran but it will impose a cost if Tehran's new president chooses hostilities. Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, described this as a "crossroads" moment for the Islamic Republic In a pool interview, Dominic Raab said the inauguration on Thursday of Ebrahim Raisi – a hardline cleric – creates opportunities at a time of tensions after London accused Tehran of attacking an Israeli-linked tanker off Oman a week ago, killing a UK national and a Romanian.

  • Raab: "If they continue down the track of harrying or attacking shipping in the Middle East, if they continue destabilising activities through their proxies, if they continue to row back from their nuclear commitments… then we will apply cost, we will hold them to account...Equally, the door is always ajar … for diplomacy and a batter path forward, but we cannot have incidents like the attack off the coast of Oman without Iran being held to account."