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Latest global YouGov polling continues to show significant divergence in national attitudes towards being vaccinated for COVID-19, something that could have significant impacts on nation's abilities to open up their economies in the coming months.

  • YouGov, % of people in each country who say they will take/have already taken the vaccine: UK 85%, Vietnam 84%, Denmark 80%, UAE 78%, Spain 77%, Italy 72%, Norway 72%, Finland 70%, Thailand 67%, Indonesia 65%, Malaysia 65%, Sweden 65%, India 64%, Singapore 62%, Germany 61%, Saudi Arabia 54%, United States 51%, Philippines 49%, France 47%, Taiwan 40%, Hong Kong 37%
  • Full time series can be found here:
  • In Taiwan and Hong Kong, willingness to take the vaccine is low but so far both of these have managed to avoid significant outbreaks of the virus through effective containment and quarantine procedures.
  • The greater cause for concern comes in France (47% willingness) and the United States (51% willingness). Both of these countries are struggling with significant new caseloads and hospitalisations. Unless a much larger proportion of the population takes up the vaccine, these nations will find it hard to reach a level where the virus is no longer in general circulation which would allow economic and social life to return to some sort of normality.