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Austria triple tranche mandate


(H2) Testing The 50-Day EMA

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Still waiting for JP Morgan to launch

  • Date $MM Issuer (Priced *, Launch #)
  • 12/07 $8B #Merck 5pt, $1.5B 5Y +45, $1B 7Y +50, $2B 10Y +70, $2B 30Y +95 and $1.5B 40Y +110
  • 12/07 $3B #Emerson Electric $1B 7Y +80, $1B 10Y +95, $1B 30Y +120
  • 12/07 $1B #Western Digital $500M 7Y +145, $00M 10Y +165
  • 12/07 $800M #GLP Capital 10Y +185
  • 12/07 $600M #GA Global Funding 2Y +60
  • 12/07 $Benchmark JP Morgan 4NC3 fix/FRN +75a, 4NC3 FRN/SOFR