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Stocks Testing Wednesday High


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A very quiet London morning.........>

US TSYS SUMMARY: A very quiet London morning session for Treasuries. 
-With the lack of events, Data and Fed speaker blackout, the US long end curve
has taken its cues from the German Bund price action. 
-EGB's and Gilts have been better bit on uncertainty concerns and safer haven
flow, keeping TYZ9 better bid and holding above water, 5ticks up on the day 
- We have nothing of real note on the US Calendar for the afternoon, and short
term focus stays on Brexit and the decision on potential Brexit deal extensions.
- 2y yields down -1.9bp today at 1.562% 
- 5y yields down -1.9bp today at 1.568% 
- 10y yields down -1.4bp today at 1.748% 
- 30y yields down -1.7bp today at 2.236% 
- 2s10s up 0.5bp today at 18.6bp 
- 10s30s down -0.3bp today at 48.8bp