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China Repo Rates Fall on Thursday


Evergrande Risks Can Be Controlled: PBOC

--Jul House Purchase Approvals 64,768 Vs 65,374 Jun 
--Jul Net Mortgage Lending Stg3.195Bn Vs Stg3.851Bn Jun
--Jul Net Consumer Credit Stg0.817Bn Vs St1.521Bn Jun
--Jul M4 +0.9% m/m; +2.1% y/y 
--Jul M4 Ex-Other Financial Corporations Flat m/m; +3.4% y/y
     London (MNI) - The number of mortgages approved dipped slightly in  
July, while provision of unsecured credit hit a four-month low, data 
published Thursday showed. 
     The data issued by the Bank of England Friday also showed a core 
measure of broad money growth, M4 excluding other financial 
corporations, flat on the month in July and hit its lowest yearly rate 
since November 2014. 
     July house purchase approvals fell to 64,768, down from 65,374, but 
roughly in line with their average over the past six months. Mortgage 
approvals provide an indication of how much fresh new mortgage lending 
may materialise over the coming months. 
     Households borrowed an extra stg3.2bn secured against their homes 
in July, down from the stg3.9bn change registered in June, the lowest 
outturn since April. Net lending has been fairly stable over the past 12 
months, however, with the annual growth rate of mortgage lending 
unchanged at 3.2% in July - it has hovered around the 3%-mark ever since 
late 2016.   
     Demand for unsecured borrowing, however, fell sharply in July. Net 
consumer credit on the months fell to stg0.817bn in July from stg1.521bn 
in June. That's the lowest outturn since April and considerable below 
the average of stg1.5bn set over the past three years.  
     According to the Bank, this reflected both weaker credit card 
lending  and other loans and advances (which includes personal loans, 
overdrafts and car finance) - at just stg0.2bn and stg0.6bn 
     The annual rate of consumer credit slowed to 8.5%. Wihtin this, the 
annual growth of credit card lending was 8.9% whilst other loans and 
advances grew by 8.5% y/y - the lowest rate since March 2015.  
     The money supply data showed money growth decelerating. M4 
excluding other financial corporations was flat on the month to stand up 
3.4% on the year, the lowest annual rate since November 2014. On a 
three-month annualised basis M4 Ex OFC's was up 3.5%, level with the 
outcome in June.        
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