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Markets Mixed, EUR/USD The Standout


France Sells E10.355bn of OATs

Debate Schedule

  • 07-Oct VP debate between Pence and Harris
  • 15-Oct Second debate between Pres Trump and VP Biden
  • 22-Oct Third and final presidential debate.
  • 03-Nov General election
  • 08-Dec Election dispute resolution deadline: "All state recounts and court contests over presidential election results must be completed by this date. (3 U.S.C. S 5)" National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSC)
  • 14-Dec Electoral College vote
  • 23-Dec Electoral College ballot deadline, "ballots from all states must be received by the president of the Senate by this date. There is no penalty for missing this deadline", NCSC.
  • 06-Jan Joint session U.S. Congress counts electoral votes
  • 20-Jan Inauguration Day
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