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LEVELS UPDATE: Precious metals up, natgas down


Asian and European equities in the red


Pricing out optimism

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  • Linker Auction Results:- Sells R165m (R500m) 2029 Linkers; Bid-Cover 5.42x (1.66x), Avg yield 2.98% (3%)
  • Sells R555m (R415m) 2033 Linkers; Bid-Cover 2.1x (1.24x), Avg yield 3.82% (4.07%)
  • Sells R260m (R260m) 2046 Linkers; Bid-Cover 3.54x (3.54x), Avg yield 4% (4%)
Demand seen slightly higher across the auction, but mostly due to changes in allocation size in various tenors.