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Coming up in the Asia-Pac session on Friday:


Coming up in the Asia-Pac session on Friday:


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EGB/GILT SUMMARY: As expected a........>

BOND SUMMARY: EGB/GILT SUMMARY: As expected a fairly quiet and subdued trading
morning session for EGBs and Gilts. 
-We have very little in terms of Data, albeit with some ECB speakers, but with
US Thanksgiving and a very busy month of December ahead, RM and investors are on
the side line, with most of the price action centred towards futures rolls. 
- Gilts and US TUA are leading the Roll pace once again this morning, with Gilts
Dec contract running at over 110% of the 10 day average, and the GZ(/GH0 spread
trading over 80k. 
-There's very little to report on the German curve, with volumes way below
-Peripherals are having a decent performance, and the BTP is again the contract
to watch up 20 vs Bunds down 19. -The BTP/Bund 10 yr spread is 3bps tighter in
early trading. 
- Bund futures are down -0.19 today at 171.05 with BTP futures up 0.15 at 142.12
and OAT futures down -0.15 at 167.50. 
- Gilt futures are up 0.04 today at 132.04