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Updated Barclays/Bbg Extension Estimates for US


Late Session Selling

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Story of the session has been reversal of yesterday's price action across the board.

  • Equities have recovered their losses, while Bond fades off their highest levels traded yesterday.
  • Curve have bear flattened throughout the afternoon session.
  • Peripheral spreads are tighter against the German 10yr, with Italy and Greece leading by 1.6bp.
  • Gilt and the curve has followed suit, with 2s/10s trading above yesterday's high, but still well short of this week high.
  • Looking ahaed, 1100ET / 1600BST: Fed publishes "Monetary Policy Report" (per the official calendar) - presumably this is the Semi-annual Monetary Policy Report to Congress ahead of Powell's testimony next Weds-Thu
  • Gilt futures are down -0.64 today at 128.78 with 10y yields up 4.6bp at 0.657% and 2y yields up 0.8bp at 0.081%
  • Bund futures are down -0.41 today at 173.93 with 10y Bund yields up 1.6bp at -0.292% and Schatz yields up 0.9bp at -0.678%
  • BTP futures are down -0.07 today at 152.23 with 10y yields up 0.2bp at 0.764% and 2y yields up 0.1bp at -0.384%
  • OAT futures are down -0.26 today at 160.03 with 10y yields up 1.2bp at 0.052% and 2y yields up 1.0bp at -0.642%.