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$2.75B JP Morgan 2Pt Launched Late


Corrective Bounce


SocGen: Energy and Rent Uncertainty Key To CPI Ahead


Bullish Engulfing Reversal?


RBC & Scotiabank At Low End For CPI On Friday

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  • A more muted session for EGBs and Bund, with US on holiday for Thanksgiving.
  • Bund trades in the green this afternoon up 35 ticks at the time of typing, but well within yesterday's range.
  • Peripherals are a touch wider against the German 10yr, Italy and Spain are the widest, but by just 0.7bp.
  • Gilts have outperformed Bund, pushing the Gilt/Bund tighter by 1.1bp.
  • UK 5s/30s trade flatter and at lowest level since the 10th November.
  • Looking ahead, ECB Villeroy and BoE Bailey are still scheduled to speak, but unlikely to learn anything new.
  • Gilt futures are up 0.45 today at 125.91 with 10y yields down -2.7bp at 0.968% and 2y yields down -0.9bp at 0.564%.
  • Bund futures are up 0.34 today at 170.88 with 10y Bund yields down -1.5bp at -0.245% and Schatz yields up 1.5bp at -0.738%.
  • BTP futures are up 0.19 today at 150.29 with 10y yields down -0.6bp at 1.067% and 2y yields up 1.7bp at -0.212%.
  • OAT futures are up 0.39 today at 166.73 with 10y yields down -1.6bp at 0.121% and 2y yields up 1.5bp at -0.811%.