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Core Fixed Income Meandering On Thursday


Yuan Shuts Its Eyes To PBOC Fix


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  • Most likely outcome in election Monday: Liberal chance of winning a minority of seats 59% vs prior 56% according to CBC Poll Tracker
  • Conservatives chance of winning the most seats 27% vs prior 28%
  • Chance of a majority government 12% vs prior 14% for Liberals, down from 45% at start of campaign, and 1% for Conservatives
  • Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole may face more questions about Alberta's Conservative Premier imposing tougher Covid regulations after cases spiked following a period of laxer restrictions
  • Former US President Obama tweeted support for Liberal PM Trudeau Thurs
  • Some polls have shown that while Liberals about tied in national level polls, they have a decent lead in seat-rich Ontario; Conservatives worried about losing votes in swing ridings to right-wing People's Party of Canada
  • Leaders have started to cut down on media events in final days of campaign, pitches starting to focus more on fears of what other party will do than new policy ideas
  • Outsized mail-in voting suggests some results may be delayed on election night, Sept 20