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Bullish Price Sequence

EURCHF is firmer today following...>

EURO-SWISS TECHS: EURCHF is firmer today following Friday's bounce. In candle
terms, Friday's price action is a bullish engulfing reversal. Technical analysis
focuses on pattern recognition and uses this to assess conditions in sentiment.
- A look at recent history in EURCHF, we observe that the bullish engulfing
reversal pattern has occurred on several occasions (Sep5, Sep 30 and Oct 9). On
each of these occasions, an impressive recovery followed. The most recent signal
was confirmed at Friday's close.
- Additionally, Friday's price action also marked the conclusion of a 3-day
candle reversal pattern known as a morning star reversal, an equally important
indication of a shift in market sentiment.
- Finally, both candle patterns have developed following a failed attempt last
week to clear the base of the bull channel drawn off the Sep 4 low. 
- The recovery so far is encouraging, and the implications are that the cross
potentially has the legs to rally towards the top of its bull channel around
1.1070/80 over coming sessions.