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Bullish Price Sequence

Fresh Move Down Targets Year's.....>

DOLLAR-YEN TECHS: Fresh Move Down Targets Year's Previous Low
*RES 4: Y109.83/85 Aug 23, Aug 25 highs
*RES 3: Y109.41 Aug 28 high
*RES 2: Y109.05/15 Hourly congestion Aug 28
*RES 1: Y108.70/80 Hourly resistance
*PRICE: Y108.51 @0938GMT
*SUP 1: Y108.13 Apr 17 low, 1% volatility band
*SUP 2: Y107.83 1.618 swing of Y108.60-Y109.85
*SUP 3: Y107.36 1.618 swing of Y108.73-Y110.95
*SUP 4: Y107.04 2% volatility band
*COMMENTARY* The loss of Y108.60 has removed the underlying support from the
'Doji' candle close on Aug 18. Next support is likely to come from the year's
previous Y108.13 low which coincidentally happens to be the area of the lower 1%
volatility band today. Any lower and two swing targets at Y107.83 and then
Y107.36 protect the lower 2% volatility band at Y107.04, ahead of the longer
term 61.8% Fibo level at Y106.51. Nearest resistance Y108.70-Y109.15.