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Repeats Story Initially Transmitted at 20:01 GMT Nov 7/15:01 EST Nov 7
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Date    GMT /Local          Event
08-Nov      -      ***  CN  Trade
08-Nov  0101/0101  **   UK  Markit/REC Jobs Report
08-Nov  0130/1030       JP  BOJ board member Yukitoshi Funo speaks to business
08-Nov  0745/0845  *    FR  current account
08-Nov  0745/0845  *    FR  foreign trade
08-Nov  0800/0900  **   ES  industrial production
08-Nov  1200/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
08-Nov  1315/0815  **   CA  Housing Starts - CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and
                              Housing Corp)
08-Nov  1330/0830  *    CA  Building Permits
08-Nov  1530/1030  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
08-Nov  1600/1100  **   US  Kansas City Fed LMCI
08-Nov  1700/1800       DE  BBK Board member Johannes Beermann speech at 60
                              years anniversary of German Bundesbank in
                              Saarbruecken, Germany.
09-Nov  2000/0900  ***  NZ  RBNZ official cash rate decision
09-Nov  2000/0900  ***  NZ  RBNZ Monetary Policy Statement
09-Nov  2100/1000  ***  NZ  RBNZ monetary policy press conference
09-Nov  2350/0850  *    JP  Machinery orders
09-Nov  2350/0850       JP  BOJ releases summary of opinions presented at Oct.
                              30-31 policy meeting
09-Nov  0030/1130  ***  AU  Housing finance
09-Nov  0130/0930  ***  CN  CPI
09-Nov  0130/0930  ***  CN  Producer Price Index
09-Nov  0645/0745  **   CH  unemployment
09-Nov  0700/0800  **   DE  trade balance
09-Nov  0730/0830  **   FR  BoF Business survey
09-Nov  0800/0900       EU  ECB Supervisory Board chair Daniele Nouy
                              introductory statement at the ECON Hearing at the
                              European Parliament, in Brussels.
09-Nov  1000/1100       EU  ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure
                              participation in a panel discussion at the 10th
                              edition of Journees de l'economie (Jeco), in Lyon,
09-Nov  1100/1200  *    EU  OECD Leading Indicator
09-Nov  1300/1400       EU  ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure
                              participation in a panel discussion at the 10th
                              edition of Journees de l'economie (Jeco), in Lyon,
09-Nov  1315/1415       EU  ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch speech at
                              1st annual forum "Banking & Technology", in
09-Nov  1330/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
09-Nov  1330/0830  *    CA  New Housing Price Index
09-Nov  1345/1445       EU  ECB Executive Board member Vitor Constancio speech
                              at 4th annual Financial Regulatory Outlook
                              Conference organised by Oliver Wyman and CIGI, in
09-Nov  1445/0945  *    US  Bloomberg Comfort Index
09-Nov  1500/1000  **   US  wholesale trade
09-Nov  1530/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
09-Nov  1600/1700       DE  BBK Board member Prof. Dr. Claudia M. Buch speech
                              at the Bank evening of the headquarters of German
                              Bundesbank in Bayern, in Munich.
09-Nov  1630/1730       CH  SNB Board member Thomas Jordan speech at CFS
                              Presidential Lectures, in Frankfurt.
09-Nov  1800/1900       EU  ECB Gov. Council member Jens Weidmann in
                              conversation with readers of Leipzig People's
                              Newspaper, in Leipzig, Germany.
09-Nov  1820/1920       EU  ECB Executive Board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger
                              speech at the "Monetary, Financial, and Prudential
                              Policy Interactions in the Post-Crisis World"
                              conference, in Washington D.C.
09-Nov  2130/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
10-Nov      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
10-Nov      -      ***  CN  New Loans
10-Nov      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
10-Nov  2145/1045  **   NZ  Electronic card transactions m/m
10-Nov  0030/1130  ***  AU  RBA Statement on Monetary Policy
10-Nov  0745/0845  **   FR  non-farm payrolls
10-Nov  0745/0845  *    FR  industrial production
10-Nov  0900/1000  *    IT  industrial production
10-Nov  0930/0930  **   UK  Output in the Construction Industry
10-Nov  1000/1100       DE  BBK Board member Andreas Dombret speech at the
                              63rd credit policy conference, in Frankfurt.
10-Nov  1230/1330       EU  ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch speech at
                              2017 Cumberland Lodge Financial Services Summit
                              organised the European Policy Forum, in Windsor,
10-Nov  1500/1000  ***  US  University of Michigan Sentiment Index (p)
10-Nov  1600/1100  **   US  St. Louis Fed Real GDP Nowcast
10-Nov  1615/1115  **   US  NY Fed GDP Nowcast
11-Nov      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
11-Nov      -      ***  CN  New Loans
11-Nov      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
11-Nov  1000/1100       EU  ECB President Mario Draghi speech at Annual
                              Meeting organised by Medici con l'Africa Cuamm, in
12-Nov      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
12-Nov      -      ***  CN  New Loans
12-Nov      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
13-Nov  2215/0915       AU  RBA Dep Gov Guy Debelle speaks at 2017 UBS
                              Australasia Conference in Sydney, also Q&A
13-Nov  2350/0850  *    JP  CGPI
13-Nov  0900/1000       EU  ECB Vice-President Vitor Constancio keynote speech
                               at Opening Conference of 20th Euro Finance Week,
                              in Frankfurt.
13-Nov  1000/1000       UK  Parliament returns after mid-session recess
13-Nov  1600/1100  **   US  NY Fed survey of consumer expectations
13-Nov  1900/1400  **   US  Treasury Budget
14-Nov  2230/0930  **   AU  ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence
14-Nov  0030/1130  **   AU  NAB business survey
14-Nov  0200/1000  ***  CN  Fixed-Asset Investment
14-Nov  0200/1000  ***  CN  Industrial Output
14-Nov  0200/1000  ***  CN  Retail Sales
14-Nov  0700/0800  ***  DE  GDP (p)
14-Nov  0700/0800  ***  DE  HICP (f)
14-Nov  0800/0900  ***  ES  HICP (f)
14-Nov  0900/1000  ***  IT  GDP (p)
14-Nov  0900/1000  ***  IT  HICP (f)
14-Nov  0900/1000       EU  ECB Executive Board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger
                              participation in opening discussion at Banking
                              Supervision Resolution and Risk Management
                              Conference during 20th Euro Finance Week, in
14-Nov  0900/1000       EU  ECB Supervisory Board chair Daniele Nouy speech at
                              7th Roundtable "Frankfurt 120" during 20th Euro
                              Finance Week , in Frankfurt.
14-Nov  0930/0930  ***  UK  Consumer inflation report
14-Nov  0930/0930  ***  UK  Producer Prices
14-Nov  0930/0930  *    UK  ONS House Price Index
14-Nov  1000/1100  **   EU  industrial production
14-Nov  1000/1100  ***  DE  ZEW Current Expectations Index
14-Nov  1000/1100  ***  DE  ZEW Current Conditions Index
14-Nov  1000/1100  ***  EU  GDP (p)
14-Nov  1000/1100       EU  ECB President Mario Draghi Participation by the
                              President in policy panel with J. Yellen (FED) and
                              M. Carney (Bank of England) and Haruhiko Kuroda
                              (Bank of Japan) at conference organised by the
                              ECB, in Frankfurt.
14-Nov  1100/0600  **   US  NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
14-Nov  1315/0815       US  St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James
                              Bullard to deliver presentation on the U.S.
                              Economy and Monetary Policy at the Economic Update
                              Breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky, with audience
14-Nov  1330/0830  ***  US  PPI
14-Nov  1355/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
15-Nov      -      *    FR  BOF retail trade
15-Nov  2330/1030  **   AU  Westpac-MI consumer sentiment
15-Nov  2350/0850  ***  JP  GDP (p)
15-Nov  0030/1130  ***  AU  Quarterly wage price index
15-Nov  0700/1800       AU  RBA Asst Gov Luci Ellis speaks at Stan Kelly
                              Lecture 2017 in Melbourne, also Q&A
15-Nov  0745/0845  ***  FR  HICP (f)
15-Nov  0930/0930  ***  UK  Labour Market Survey
15-Nov  1000/1100  *    EU  trade balance
15-Nov  1000/1100       EU  ECB Executive Board member Peter Praet chairing
                              closing policy panel at conference "At the heart
                              of policy: challenges and opportunities of central
                              bank communication" organised by the ECB, in
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