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CIBC Review of Latest FOMC


Red Dec'22 Put Tree

ASIA: In a note released on Thursday ANZ posited that "the volatility in Asian
financial markets stretches beyond escalating trade tensions, in our view. We
believe that the maturing of the region's economic cycle and rising growth
differentials with the US have also become critical headwinds. Various incoming
economic data validate our view that the transition of the regional business
cycle is moving into a 'late' stage. While a late cycle does not in any way
portend an imminent collapse in growth, sluggish or fading momentum at a time
when it is strengthening in the US has accentuated financial market volatility.
The initial phase of market volatility is also at least, selectively having a
knock-on impact on monetary policy in terms of either pushing money market
yields higher or even forcing monetary tightening. As a consequence, financial
conditions, which have a strong bearing on growth, have tightened."
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