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  • Israel expresses 'deep concern' over Turkish 'provocations' in Cyprus as it continues to consolidate its presence on the island by building a presidential complex and re-opening Varosha.
    • Says it remains in full solidarity with Cyprus. This comes as bilateral relations were showing early signs of improvement, but may now take a step back
  • Deutsche Bank says traders should short the Turkish lira amid a continuing dollarization trend in the country and ahead of seasonal underperformance. Dollarization has continued in June and July, accelerating recently.
    • Trend is driven by both retailers and corporations. Increased dollarization is indicative of rising domestic inflation expectations, which should erode Turkish real yields.
    • Says the lira's recent strong performance is not sustainable.
  • Turkey criticizes Austrian leader's remarks saying Turkey is" a more suitable place" for Afghan refugees than Germany, Austria or Sweden.
    • Turkey says it will not take in a new wave of migration nor be a migrant camp for the EU.