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Issuance is concluded......>

EUROZONE T-BILL ISSUANCE: Issuance is concluded for the week, seeing an
estimated total of E17.4bln in bill sales, the highest in five weeks, and up
from E12.9bln last week. Germany, Italy, France, and Spain all came to market.
- RECAP: Italy kicked off issuance on Monday, selling E5.5bln of 12-month Nov
14, 2019 BOTs. Also Monday, Germany allotted E1.86bln of 6-month April 10, 2019
Bubill (sold total E2.0bln). Later on Monday, France sold E2.95bln of 3-month
Feb 6, 2019 BTF; E1.325bln of 6-month Apr 10, 2019 BTF, and E1.1bln of 12-month
Nov 6, 2019 BTF. On Tuesday, Spain concluded issuance for the week, selling
3-month Feb 15, 2019 Letra for E0.6bln and 12-month Nov 15, 2019 Letra for
- CASH FLOWS: With E20.1bln in bill redemptions scheduled, net cash flow is an
estimated negative E2.8bln this week, versus negative E0.4bln last week.
** For full details of forthcoming issues, see Eurozone T-bill auction calendar