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Abas Aslani at the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies tweets: "The plenary of the Joint Commission of the #JCPOA has ended. Parties decided to start expert and technical consultations and work on the drafts immediately. All parties reaffirmed their seriousness to achieve the result in the shortest possible time."

  • Today marks the fourth round of talks in Vienna between the signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA, the Iran nuclear deal), with the aim of eventually bringing the United States back into the deal or some form of new agreement.
  • Before today's meeting Iran's Foreign Ministry deputy for political affairs Abbas Araghchi stated that "Iran's national interests are the only priority for the negotiating delegation....As I said before, we are on a specified path about which there are fortunately agreements, but there are serious obstacles in the way as well. We have a long way ahead the timing of which is impossible to imagine or predict, and it would be unrealistic if we want to enter into the timing discussion."
  • Mikhail Ulyanov, head of the Russian delegation tweets: "The Joint Commission of #JCPOA at its meeting today opened a new round of the talks on full restoration of the nuclear deal. The participants agreed on the need to intensify the process. The delegations seem to be ready to stay in Vienna as long as necessary to achieve the goal."