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US$ Credit Supply Pipeline

  • Date $MM Issuer (Priced *, Launch #)
  • 02/03 $2B #BP Capital Markets AM $750M 30Y tap +128, $1.25B 40Y +145
  • 02/03 $1.75B #Alexandria Real Estate $900M 11Y +90, $850M 30Y +110
  • 02/03 $1.5B *KEXIM $500M 3Y +23, $700M 5Y +28, $300M 10Y +38
  • 02/03 $750M *Arab Petroleum Inv Corp 5Y +69
  • 02/03 $750M *Indian Railway Finance 10Y +167.5
  • 02/03 $750M #Aareal Bank 4Y +24
  • 02/03 $1B *IADB 5Y FRN SOFR+20
  • 02/03 $Benchmark Central American Bank for Eco Integration 5Y +70a
  • 02/03 $1B Chesapeake Energy, $500M 5NC2 37a, $500M 8NC3 6%a
  • 02/03 $Benchmark Alibaba $5B est multi-tranche, investor call
  • On tap for Thursday:
  • 02/04 $Benchmark Japan Finance Org for Muni's (JFM) 10Y +30a
  • $20.325B Priced Tuesday; $43.475B/wk
  • 02/02 $9.825B *Boeing $1.32B 2NC1 +105, $3B 3NC1 +125, $5.5B 5NC2 +175
  • 02/02 $4B *UBS $1B 3Y +30, $1B 3Y FRN SOFR+36, $2B 11NC10 +100
  • 02/02 $3.5B *World Bank 10Y +13
  • 02/02 $2B *CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) $1.2B 10Y +225, $800M 30Y +280
  • 02/02 $1B *Clear Channel Worldwide 7NC3 7.75%
  • $23.15B Priced Monday; $14B Apple 6-part jumbo matched all of 2020 issuance from tech icon
  • 02/01 $14B *Apple 6-part jumbo: $2.5B 5Y +32, $2.5B 7Y +47, $2.75B 10Y +57, $1.5B 20Y +72, $3B 30Y +82, $1.75B 40Y +95. Last year Apple issued $14B total: $5.5B on August 13, 2020 w/ $1.25B 5Y +28, $1.25B 10Y +58, $1.25B 30Y +100, $7.75B 40Y +118; $8.5B issued on May 4, 2020: $2B 3Y +60, $2.25B 5Y +80, $1.75B 10Y +110, $2.5B 30Y +145. Apple also in the top ten record jumbo issuance w/$17B back in April 2013.
  • 02/01 $5.5B *Altria Group $1.75B 11Y +138, $1.5B 20Y +178, $1.25B 30Y +188, $1B 40Y +218
  • 02/01 $1.5B *UBS PerpNC10 4.375%
  • 02/01 $850M *National Rural Utilities $500M 3Y +2, $350M 10Y +60
  • 02/01 $700M *GATX Corp $400M 10Y +90, $300M 30Y +125
  • 02/01 $600M *Hyundai 5Y +92.5
MNI Chicago Bureau | +1 312-431-0089 |
MNI Chicago Bureau | +1 312-431-0089 |

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