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--Japan Dec Consumer Confidence Index 42.7 Vs   42.9 Nov 
--Japan Govt Keeps View: Consumer Confidence Shows Weak Signs
     TOKYO (MNI) - Japan's consumer confidence index fell 0.2 point to 42.7 in
December on a seasonally adjusted basis, the third monthly drop, according to
the Consumer Confidence Survey released by the Cabinet Office Tuesday.
     The drop in the index was caused by weaker labor market and income
conditions, the survey suggested.
     --The Cabinet Office maintained its assessment, saying that "consumer
confidence showed weak moves."
     --Consumers were more pessimistic on three of the four key aspects of their
sentiment, including overall economic well-being, income gain and job prospects.
     --Consumers were more optimistic that the next six months would be a good
time to buy durable goods.
     --The sub-index on asset prices, which is not included in calculating
overall consumer confidence, showed a third straight monthly drop, down 1.7
points to 40.9 after falling 0.6 point in the previous month.
     --The survey also showed that the public's inflation expectation for the
next 12 months fell for the first time in four months. The share of those
projecting price gains fell to 83.2% in December from 84.5% in November. The
share of respondents forecasting lower prices increased to 4.0% from 3.7%.
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