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2 October 2017
By Kyle Shortland
Click below for today's MNI FX Technical Analysis Report -
AUSSIE TECHS: $0.7743-98 Support Region Key
*RES 4: $0.7940 - 55-DMA
*RES 3: $0.7907 - Hourly support Sept 22 now resistance
*RES 2: $0.7883 - Hourly resistance Sept 27 
*RES 1: $0.7861 - High Sept 28
*PRICE: $0.7833 @ 2000GMT
*SUP 1: $0.7798 - Monthly Low Sept 28 
*SUP 2: $0.7781 - Low July 17, 21-WMA 
*SUP 3: $0.7767 - 100-DMA 
*SUP 4: $0.7743 - High July 13 now support
*COMMENTARY: Consolidation below the 55-DMA saw the pair pressuring the
$0.7781-98 support region with the 100-DMA just below. O/S daily studies and the
Bollinger base ($0.7820) remain key concerns for bears. Bears look for a close
below $0.7743 to confirm breaks of key MAs and to shift focus to the 200-DMA
($0.7652). Bulls now look for a close above $0.7861 to gain breathing room and
above the 21-DMA ($0.7960) to shift focus back to $0.8036-0.8125.
KIWI TECHS: Finding Support Ahead Of 200-DMA
*RES 4: $0.7344 - High Sept 22 
*RES 3: $0.7296 - Hourly resistance Sept 25 
*RES 2: $0.7252 - Low Sept 25 now resistance 
*RES 1: $0.7251 - 21-DMA
*PRICE: $0.7212 @ 2000GMT
*SUP 1: $0.7166 - Low Sept 27
*SUP 2: $0.7153 - Bollinger band base
*SUP 3: $0.7150 - 200-DMA
*SUP 4: $0.7128 - Low Aug 31
*COMMENTARY: A lack of topside follow through resulted in pressure returning to
the $0.7128-0.7166 support region where the 200-DMA is situated. Bears continue
to look for a close below $0.7128 to confirm a break of the 200-DMA and shift
overall focus to tests of 2017 lows. Daily studies are well placed for a fresh
leg lower. Bulls still need a close above $0.7252 to ease bearish pressure and
above $0.7296 to return focus to $0.7377-0.7458.
AUSSIE-KIWI TECHS: NZ$1.0798 & NZ$1.1025 Levels Key
*RES 4: NZ$1.0954 - High Sept 27
*RES 3: NZ$1.0942 - Hourly resistance Sept 28a
*RES 2: NZ$1.0911 - Hourly resistance Sept 27
*RES 1: NZ$1.0888 - Hourly resistance Sept 28
*PRICE: NZ$1.0857 @ 2000GMT
*SUP 1: NZ$1.0821 - Low Sept 21
*SUP 2: NZ$1.0798 - Low Aug 16
*SUP 3: NZ$1.0794 - Bollinger band base 
*SUP 4: NZ$1.0709 - 100-DMA
*COMMENTARY: Bears have so far failed to manage the close below NZ$1.0798 needed
to confirm a break of the 55-DMA and initially target NZ$1.0694-1.0709 although
the topside failures ahead of NZ$1.0994 ensure pressure remains on key supports.
Modestly O/S studies looking to correct remain the key concern for bears. Bulls
continue to look for a close above NZ$1.1025 to confirm a break of the 21-DMA
(NZ$1.0986) and shift focus back to 2017 highs.
AUSSIE-YEN TECHS: Bull Channel Base Key Support
*RES 4: Y89.73 - Hourly support Sept 20 now resistance 
*RES 3: Y89.05 - Alternating hourly support/resistance 
*RES 2: Y88.90 - High Sept 27 
*RES 1: Y88.48 - Hourly resistance Sept 28
*PRICE: Y88.08 @ 2000GMT
*SUP 1: Y87.92 - Low Sept 29
*SUP 2: Y87.74 - 55-DMA
*SUP 3: Y87.27 - Daily Bull channel base
*SUP 4: Y86.54 - Low Sept 6
*COMMENTARY: A bearish key day reversal following fresh 2017 highs in recent
weeks has been followed up with losses that see pressure returned to Y87.27-74
where the bull channel base and 55-DMA are situated. Bears need a close below
the bull channel base to shift focus to Y85.45-86.56 where 100 & 200-DMAs are
noted. Bulls now need a close above Y88.48 to gain breathing room and above
Y89.05 to shift focus back to Y89.73-90.31.
EURO-AUSSIE TECHS: Broad Sideways Trading Persists 
*RES 4: A$1.5226 - 2017 High June 1
*RES 3: A$1.5175 - High Aug 29
*RES 2: A$1.5109 - High Sept 22
*RES 1: A$1.5090 - Hourly resistance Sept 29
*PRICE: A$1.5031 @ 2000GMT
*SUP 1: A$1.4990 - High Sept 27 now support 
*SUP 2: A$1.4895 - 100-DMA 
*SUP 3: A$1.4887 - 55-DMA 
*SUP 4: A$1.4790 - Low Sept 21
*COMMENTARY: The pair continues to trade sideways in a broad A$1.4732-1.5172
range with topside follow through lacking again lacking last week. Bulls
continue to look for a close above A$1.5109 to confirm focus on A$1.5172-1.5226
where 2017 highs are situated. Bears continue to look for a close below the
A$1.4790 support to target A$1.4532-65. Daily studies remain at largely neutral
levels and giving few clues at present.
US DOLLAR-INDEX TECHS: 92.724-93.028 Support Key
*RES 4: 94.145 - Monthly High Aug 16 
*RES 3: 93.762 - High Aug 18 
*RES 2: 93.666 - High Sept 28 
*RES 1: 93.328 - Hourly resistance Sept 28
*PRICE: 93.076 @ 2030GMT
*SUP 1: 93.028 - 55-DMA
*SUP 2: 92.898 - Hourly support Sept 26
*SUP 3: 92.724 - High Sept 25 now support
*SUP 4: 92.433 - Hourly support Sept 25
*COMMENTARY: Bulls took comfort in the close above the 55-DMA Wednesday but
hesitation ahead of the 93.762 resistance with daily studies at O/B levels is
less than ideal. The 55-DMA is initial support with bears needing a close below
92.898 to ease bullish pressure and below 97.724 to shift focus back to
91.526-781. Bulls look for a close above 93.762 to add support to the case for a
test of the 94.145-476 region where Aug highs are situated.
EURO-DOLLAR TECHS: Bulls Look For Close Above $1.1862
*RES 4: $1.1937 Low Sept 22 now resistance 
*RES 3: $1.1891 Hourly support Sept 21 now resistance 
*RES 2: $1.1862 Low Sept 20 now resistance 
*RES 1: $1.1833 Low Sept 25 now resistance
*PRICE: $1.1787 @ 2030GMT
*SUP 1: $1.1773 Hourly support Sept 29 
*SUP 2: $1.1759 Hourly support Sept 28 
*SUP 3: $1.1709 Low Aug 18 
*SUP 4: $1.1661 Low Aug 17
*COMMENTARY: Bulls failed to trouble $1.1862 Friday with the pair looking a
little heavy to start the new week. Bulls continue to look for a close above
$1.1862 to hint at a move back to $1.2033-92 with above the 21-DMA ($1.1901) to
confirm. While $1.1862 caps bears retain the upper hand and remain focused on
$1.1583-1.1661 with a close below $1.1709 to add weight. The Bollinger base
($1.1744) is the key concern for bears and recently limited follow through.
DOLLAR-YEN TECHS: 55 & 200-DMAs Key This Week
*RES 4: Y113.91 Bollinger band top 
*RES 3: Y113.70 Low July 11 now resistance 
*RES 2: Y113.26 High Sept 27 
*RES 1: Y112.86 Hourly resistance Sept 28
*PRICE: Y112.60 @ 0830GMT
*SUP 1: Y112.22 Low Sept 29 
*SUP 2: Y112.00 200-DMA 
*SUP 3: Y111.92 Hourly support Sept 26 
*SUP 4: Y111.48 Low Sept 25
*COMMENTARY: Topside follow through above Y112.85 has been a little lacking
which is a concern with daily studies at O/B levels, momentum divergence and the
Bollinger top capping. In saying that, bulls are focused on tests of July highs
with above Y113.70 to add support to their case. Bears continue to look for a
close below the 200-DMA to ease bullish pressure and below Y111.48 to confirm a
shift in focus to key DMAs Y110.52-111.02.
SPOT GOLD TECHS: Overall Focus On $1238.9-1250.0
*RES 4: $1304.6 - Alternating daily support/resistance 
*RES 3: $1296.4 - High Sept 27 
*RES 2: $1290.3 - High Sept 29 
*RES 1: $1281.2 - Hourly support Sept 29 now resistance
*PRICE: $1279.1 @ 2030GMT
*SUP 1: $1275.0 - Low Aug 25 
*SUP 2: $1271.5 - 100-DMA 
*SUP 3: $1265.3 - High Aug 8 now support 
*SUP 4: $1249.9 - Monthly Low Aug 8
*COMMENTARY: Bears take comfort in consolidation below the 55-DMA despite daily
studies looking to correct from O/S and the Bollinger base ($1273.3) supporting.
Bulls need a close above $1296.4 to gain breathing room and above $1320.0 to
shift focus higher. While $1296.4 caps bears focus on $1265.3-1275.0 where the
100-DMA is noted. Below $1265.3 is needed to confirm focus on $1238.9-1250.0
where the 200-DMA and bull channel base are situated.
--MNI Beijing Bureau; tel: +44 207-862-7435; email:

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