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     BEIJING (MNI) - China issued CNY584.4 billion new loans in December, less
than the CNY1.12 trillion in November and fell short of an MNI market survey
that expected CNY990.0 billion, according to data released Friday by People's
Bank of China.
     Total social financing, a gauge of overall credit and liquidity, was
CNY1.14 trillion in December, lower than the MNI median forecast of CNY1.50
trillion and down from CNY1.60 trillion in November. 
     M2 money supply rose 8.2% on year to CNY167.68 trillion, a new record low
growth rate, and below the 9.1% growth in November. 
     M1 rose 11.8% year-on-year to CNY54.38 trillion, compared with 12.7% growth
in November. M0 rose 3.4% year-on-year to CNY7.06 trillion, compared with a 5.7%
increase in November.
     Outstanding loans totaled CNY120.13 trillion at the end of December, 12.7%
higher than a year ago, compared with a 13.3% growth for the previous month.
Outstanding deposits grew 9.0% year-on-year to CNY164.10 trillion, compared with
9.6% growth in November.
--MNI Beijing Bureau; +86 10 85325998; email:
--MNI Beijing Bureau; +86 10 8532 5998; email:
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