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By Shaily Mittal and Laurie Laird
     LONDON (MNI) - Retail sales volumes remained steady in April, far 
exceeding expectations of a retreat after an unusually-strong showing in 
     The following are the key points from UK Retail Sales data 
published Friday by the Office for National Statistics. 
     - Brexit uncertainty has failed to discourage the UK consumer.  
Retail sales volumes were unchanged between March and April, far 
exceeding expections of a 0.8% fall.
     - Unusually-strong sales in March were revised even higher, rising 
by 1.2% over April. That lifted first quarter sales by 1.7% over the 
final three months of 2018, but the slight upward revision will not 
affect later iterations of GDP, according to an ONS official. 
     - Retail inflation remained subdued, despite a rise in consumer 
prices in April.  The implied retail price deflator rose by an annual 
rate of 0.2%, down from 0.7% in March, the smallest rise since November  
     - Non-store retailing -- largely comprised of internet sales -- 
accounted for much of the strength in sales volumes, rising by 0.8% 
between March and April, and by 20.6% over the same period a year 
     - However, internet sales fell by 2.6% in value terms between March 
and April, taking the percentage of internet sales to 18.7% of total 
sales volumes from a record-high 19.0% in March.  The ONS has no 
immediate plans to introduce a series of internet sales by volume, 
according to an official. 
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