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CHF LIBOR FIX - 06-05-2021


EUR LIBOR FIX - 06-05-2021

OPTIONS: MNI's FX Options Monitor finds Antipodean FX options volume surged this
- AUD, NZD upside exposure in demand: AUD/USD call options were the notable
standout, which almost doubled in the space of seven days. The strong jobs data
posted Thursday spurred a series of very large call option trades.
- USD/JPY unlikely to test BoJ's implied tolerance band: The BoJ's warnings this
week appear little more than a shot across the bow, with a significant
deterioration in key G7 economies or a major flaring of tensions between the US
and China likely required to force markets to consider the prospects of the JPY
strengthening materially.
- Implied vols fall further still: Implied vols across most major currency pairs
fell further still this week, comfortably mimicking the very low levels of
realised vol across most major pairs. It's likely implied vols could fall
further for many major pairs (excepting GBP crosses), keeping premiums close to
the particularly low levels seen since the turn of the year.
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