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Latest opinion poll from Forsa ahead of the federal election in September shows the stark divergence in party support between different age groups, with - as is increasingly the case in western democracies - younger voters favouring environmentalist and liberal parties and older voters swinging towards establishment parties and the right.

  • Support among 18-29 year old's: CDU/CSU: 16%, Green: 36%, SPD: 10%, FDP: 17%, AfD: 4%, Die Linke: 6%
  • Support among over-60s: CDU/CSU: 36%, Green: 14%, SPD: 19%, FDP: 9%, AfD: 8%, Die Linke: 8%
    • Forsa, Fieldwork 13-19 July. 2,503 respondents
  • The split between old and young is not just along income/economic lines, but increasingly along the social conservative vs social liberal cleavage (as is the case in many other western democracies).
  • The young vote remains overwhelmingly behind the Greens (with 36% support), with the pro-business, social liberal Free Democrats (FDP) in second place among the 18-29 cohort.
  • This compares with the over 60s, who overwhelmingly back the two 'volkspartei', the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU/CSU) and the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), which garner 36% and 19% of that group's votes respectively.
  • These polling results are more likely to come as a relief to CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet rather than the Greens' Annalena Baerbock, with older voters turning out in much higher numbers than those in the 18-29 age bracket for federal elections.