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Leader of the Flemish liberal Open VLD party Egbert Lachaert is set to meet King Philippe at 1400CET (1300BST, 0800ET) to be invited to lead coalition talks to form a new federal gov't.

  • Lachaert has set out plans to try to form a seven-party gov't involving liberal, socialist, and green parties from both French and Dutch-speaking communities, as well as the Dutch Christian democrats. The largest party in the federal Chamber of Representatives, the Flemish nationalist New Flemish Alliance, would not be included in the new gov't.
  • There is a deadline of September 17 for negotiations to conclude, with the motion of confidence in the caretaker gov't of PM Sophie Wilmes expiring that day.
  • Given that Belgium has been without an majority governing coalition since December 2018, the prospect of a coalition being formed in under two weeks may be overly optimistic.
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