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Summary: USDBRL Extends Losses To Near 2%


Needle Still Points North


Focus on Midweek BoC, ECB Policy Announcements


EUR Crosses Come Under Pressure As ECB Beckons

EU: Strains increasingly evident in the EU's increasingly important
Franco-German foreign policy relationship following remarks from a frustrated
Angela Merkel aimed at French President Emmanuel Macron. 
- At a dinner on Sunday to mark the 30th anniversary of fall of the Berlin Wall
Merkel said to Macron "I understand your desire for disruptive politics, but I'm
tired of picking up the pieces {...} I have to glue together the cups you have
broken so that we can then sit down and have a cup of tea together."
- Comes after Macron called NATO "brain dead" in an interview, a view swiftly
rebuffed by the German gov't. Today Foreign Minister Heiko Maas argued that NATO
is "alive, head to foot, even if there are other diagnoses".
- Tensions could come to a head at the 3-4 Dec NATO gathering of leaders in
London, where Macron has stated, "I cannot sit there and act like nothing has
happened," with regards to Turkey and the US' recent actions in Syria. 
- With UK edging towards the EU exit door, and the US acting an an 'America
first' basis, Fra-Ger foreign policy decisions will be crucial in determining
major 'Western' response to geopolitics going forward.