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AUSTRALIA: The latest ABS survey saw "2/3 of all businesses report revenue had
decreased compared to the same time last year. Businesses with decreased revenue
that were operating as normal were most likely to report that revenue was up to
25% lower (44%), while businesses with decreased revenue operating under
modified conditions were most likely to report that revenue was 25% to less than
50% lower (38%)."
- Businesses were also asked to estimate the length of time that, under current
conditions, operations could be supported by currently available cash on hand.
"Several businesses commented that existing cash on hand would not be sufficient
to maintain operations if not for government support measures. Three in ten
(30%) small businesses (i.e. those with 0-19 persons employed) reported that
currently available cash on hand would support business operations for less than
3 months; compared to 24% of medium sized businesses (20-199 persons employed)
and 12% of large businesses (200 or more persons employed)."
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MNI London Bureau | +44 0203-865-3809 |