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Needle Still Points South


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Reverse Repo Operation


Softer Greenback Extends GBP Bounce

STOCKS: The Nikkei 225 was last down around 11pts at around 21996, winding down
after rallying to levels last seen July 1996 on Friday. Around 800 Japanese
companies are said to be reporting their earnings this week. The Topix is still
hovering around 10-Year highs, tech stocks outperformaing, after stocks such as
Amazon (Nasdaq 100) outperformed on Friday, producing exceptional earnings
reports, Amazon's earning's said to be boosted by the acquisition of Whole Foods
earlier this year.
- In contrast to the Nikkei both the Hang-Seng and the ASX 200 are in positive
territory, success led bed the Energy sector for both indices.
- The Shanghai composite also down, falling the most since August, as Chinese
bond yields rise and investors find it harder to seek funding. Chinese data for
October is predicted to be worse than that of September, creating a regional
'risk off' tone for Chinese investors after the 19th Communist Party Congress.