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UK T-BILL AUCTION PREVIEW: The UK's Debt Management Office (DMO) re-open 1-month
Oct 30, 2017 T-bill for Stg0.5bln, re-open 3-month Jan 2, 2018 T-bill for
Stg1.0bln and issue a new 6-month Apr 3, 2018 T-bill for Stg2.0bln Friday. 
- BACKGROUND: T-bill issuance remains at lower levels, but still above the lows
seen earlier in the 2017/18 fiscal year.
- REDEMPTION: There is a T-bill redemption of Stg4bln on Monday, leaving net
cash flow negative to the tune of Stg0.5bln, the first time since end of July,
which is seen underpinning demand.
- HISTORY: For comparison, at the last UK T-bill auction on Sep 22, the DMO sold
Stg0.5bln 1-month T-bill at average yield 0.069% cover 6.145 times, Stg1.0bln
3-month at average yield 0.169% cover 3.60 times, and Stg2.0bln 6-month at
average yield 0.322% cover 1.85 times. 
- TIMING: Results are due to be announced at around 1005GMT.