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(M1)‌‌ Needle Still Points North

Source: U.S. Treasury, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Amounts in billions of U.S. dollars
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                      Announce           Pricing  Settlement   Maturity  Auction
Source                    Date  Issue       Date        Date       Date     Size
Upcoming bills and
coupon offerings:
UST                   4-Jun-19   4-wk   6-Jun-19   11-Jun-19        TBD    45.00
UST                   4-Jun-19   8-wk   6-Jun-19   11-Jun-19        TBD    35.00
UST                   6-Jun-19  13-wk  10-Jun-19   13-Jun-19        TBD    36.00
UST                   6-Jun-19  26-wk  10-Jun-19   13-Jun-19        TBD    36.00
UST                   6-Jun-19   3-yr  11-Jun-19   17-Jun-19        TBD    38.00
UST                   6-Jun-19  10-yr  12-Jun-19   17-Jun-19        TBD    27.00
UST                   6-Jun-19  30-yr  13-Jun-19   17-Jun-19        TBD    19.00
Securities yet to        Issue    Amt    Auction  Settlement   Maturity
be auctioned/settle:                        Date        Date       Date
UST                       4-wk  40.00  30-May-19    4-Jun-19   2-Jul-19
UST                       8-wk  35.00  30-May-19    4-Jun-19  30-Jul-19
UST                      13-wk  36.00   3-Jun-19    6-Jun-19   5-Sep-19
UST                      26-wk  36.00   3-Jun-19    6-Jun-19   5-Dec-19
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