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Date $MM Issuer/Rating/Desc/Maturity/Yld/Leads; Priced *; Launch #:
9/15 $400M  *Magellan Health BBB- sr unsec 7Y T+240 JPM/MUFG/WFS
9/14 $1.0B  *Kommuninvest Aaa/AAA 144a/RegS 3Y MS+3 BARC/HSBC/JPM/SEB
9/14 $500M  *Novolipetsk Steel Ba1/BBB-  7Y 4%      ING/JPM/SG/UNICR
9/14 $1.25B *Province of Quebec Aa2/Aa- 3Y FRN: 3ml+13 BMO/BAML/CIBC/HSBC
9/14 $285M  *Harvest/Korea Ntl Oil Aa2/AA 144a/RegS 5Y+127.5 HSBC/CIBC/C
9/14 $1.0B  *Bk of Nova Scotia A1/A+/AA- 5Y Fxd +70/FRN BAML/BNS/C/JPM/UBS
9/14 $1.0B  *Bk of Nova Scotia A1/A+/AA- 5Y FRN 3ml+62 BAML/BNS/C/JPM/UBS
9/14 $750M  *Gilead Sciences A3  1Y FRN 3ml+17     BAML/WFS
9/14 $750M  *Gilead Sciences A3  18M FRN:3ml+22    BAML/WFS
9/14 $1.0B  *Gilead Sciences A3: 2Y+50             BAML/WFS
9/14 $500M  *Gilead Sciences A3: 2Y FRN: 3ml+25    BAML/WFS
- Gilead will use proceeds to fund $11.9B Kite Pharma buy ($180/shr)
9/14 $500M  *Pricoa Global Fndg I A1/AA-/AA- 5Y+68 BARC/BNP/JPM
9/14 $500M  *BP Capital Mkts A1/A- 2Y T+40 CS/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/UBS
9/14 $700M  *BP Capital Mkts A1/A- 5Y T+73 CS/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/UBS
9/14 $300M  *BP Capital Mkts A1/A- 2Y FRN 3ml+65 CS/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/UBS
9/14 $1.5B  *BP Capital Mkts A1/A- 10Y +108      CS/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/UBS
9/14 $7.0B? Sygenta eyes US$ 3Y/5Y/7Y/10Y/30Y BNP/C/CS/HSBC/MUFG/SANT
9/14 $2.0B? China eyes US$ sovereign bonds in Sept; to pick leads soon
- China last sold US$ debt in 2004, a $1.7B US$/EUR 5Y, 7Y debt deal
9/14 TBD    SP Power Assets Aa2/AA rdshow starts Sep.11; DBS/DB/MIZ/MS
9/14 TBD    Wabash National 8Y/NC3 US rdshow Sept 11-14 in US  MS/WFS
9/14 TBD    Repub. South Africa eyes potentl US$ Bond BARC/DB/HSBC/NEDB
9/14 TBD    Hanjin Bank: Potentl US$ deal w/ KEXIM Guarantee? BNP/DAIWA/GS
9/14 TBD    Origin Energy Baa3/BBB- sets Aug31 investor call; JPM
9/14 TBD    Woodside Fin Ltd Baa1/BBB+ investor mtgs Aug30-Sep5 BAML/C/UBS
9/14 TBD    Lotte Shippping Aa2/AA/AA-(KEXIM Guar?)rdshw Aug21 BNP/HSBC/STD
9/14 TBD    Kookmin Bk A1/A+ rdshw Aug31-Sep5:shrt/intrm?C/COMM/JPM/MUFG/SG
9/14 TBD    Mississippi Power has filed a $2.0B mixed debt/stock shelf
9/14 TBD    American Wtr Works A3/A investor calls Aug 3-4  JPM/USB/WFS
9/13 $1.25B *Citibank N.A. A1/A+/A+ 2Y T+50         C
9/13 $1.0B *Citibank N.A. A1/A+/A+ 2Y FRN 3ML+26   C
9/13 $1.0B *Nordic Investment Bank Aaa/AAA global 3Y MS-5 BAML/HSBC/NOM/RBC
9/13 $1.0B *MexCity AirptTr Baa1/BBB+/BBB+ Green 10Y+175 C/HSBC/JPM/BBVA/SANT
9/13 $3.0B *MexCity AirptTr Baa1/BBB+/BBB+ Green 30Y+275 C/HSBC/JPM/BBVA/SANT
9/13 $350M *Shinhan Bk Baa1/BBB+ sub Tier II 10Y T+167.5  BAML/BNP/HSBC/MUFG
9/13 $750M *Commonwealth Bk of Australia Aa3/AA- 3Y+60         C/CBA/JPM/WFS
9/13 $400M *Commonwealth Bk of Australia Aa3/AA- 3Y FRN 3ml+40 C/CBA/JPM/WFS
9/13 $750M *Commonwealth Bk of Australia Aa3/AA- 5Y+75         C/CBA/JPM/WFS
9/13 $400M *Commonwealth Bk of Australia Aa3/AA- 5Y FRN 3ml+67 C/CBA/JPM/WFS
9/13 $700M *Commonwealth Bk of Australia Aa3/AA- 10Y +97       C/CBA/JPM/WFS
9/13 $850M  *Bahrain BB-/BB+  7.5Y Sukuk 5.25%      BNP/C/GULF/JPM/NBB
9/13 $1.25B *Bahrain(deal order bk $9B+)12Y 6.75% BNP/C/GULF/JPM/NBB
9/13 $900M  *Bahrain         US$ 30Y 7.50%  BNP/C/GULF/JPM/NBB
9/13 $2.0B  *Bk of Amer Baa1/BBB/A 4Y/NC3 Fxd-FRN +85    BAML
9/13 $750M  *Bk of Amer Baa1/BBB/A 4Y/NC3 FRN 3ml+65     BAML
9/13 $1.75B *Bk of Amer Baa1/BBB/A 8Y/NC7 Fxd-FRN +108   BAML
9/12 $1.0B  *Rep. of Finland Aa1/AA+/AA+ 3Y MS-6 CAC/JPM/NOM/NORDEA
9/12 $1.75B *Ontario Teachers' Finance Trust Aaa/AA+ 5Y MS+35  GS/JPM/RBC
9/12 $2.0B  *Dexia Credit Local Aa3/AA/AA-  5y MS+61     DB/GS/JPM/SG
9/12 $500M  *Kor.Devt Bk Aa2/AA   3Y FRN 3ml+67.5   GS/KDB/MIRAE/MIZ/MS/SG/UBS 
9/12 $350M  *Kor.Devt Bk Aa2/AA   5.5Y T+100        GS/KDB/MIRAE/MIZ/MS/SG/UBS 
9/12 $150M  *Kor.Devt Bk Aa2/AA   5Y FRN Tap 3ml+80 GS/KDB/MIRAE/MIZ/MS/SG/UBS 
9/12 $750M  *Prudntl Fncl Baa2/BBB+ 30Y/NC10 Fxd to FRN:4.5% C/CS/DB/HSBC/MS
9/12 $600M  *Penske Truck Leasing Baa2/BBB/BBB+ 5Y +100 BAML/JPM/MIZ/USB/WFS
9/12 $500M  *Coca-Cola Icecek Baa3/BBB 144a/RegS 7Y MS+225 BNP/C/HSBC/MUFG
9/12 $800M  *Nippon Life Insurance 30Y/NC10 4.0%           GS/MS
9/12 $500M  *Banistmo SA BBB- upsized vs. $400M; 5Y +195   JPM/MS
9/12 $500M  *Union Pacific Corp A3/A   20Y +83             BARC/C/CS/MS 
9/12 $500M  *Union Pacific Corp A3/A   50Y +133            BARC/C/CS/MS 
9/12 $500M  *MetLife Aa3/AA-    2Y +45                     C/DB/JPM/MS
9/12 $500M  *MetLife Aa3/AA-    2Y FRN 3ml+22              C/DB/JPM/MS
9/12 $750M  *MetLife Aa3/AA  3% cpn  10Y T+85              BAML/CS/HSBC/JPM
9/11 $500M  *General Dynamics A2/A+ 7Y +55               BAML/BBVA/JPM
9/11 $500M  *General Dynamics A2/A+ 10Y +75              BAML/BBVA/JPM
9/11 $300M  *Textron Baa2/BBB RegS Long 10Y T+125        C/JPM
9/11 $1.25B *Charter Communicatns Ba1/BBB-/BBB- 10Y +210 BAML/C
9/11 $750M  *Charter Communicatns 30Y Tap May 2047 +270  BAML/C
9/11 $1.1B  *HP Enterprises         2Y FXD +78            BNP/DB/JPM
9/11 $500M  *Brookfield Finance     30Y +200              DB/HSBC 
9/11 $500M  *Archer Daniels Midland A2/A/A 30Y T+105      C/JPM
9/11 $325M  *Peco Energy Aa3/A-/A FMB     30Y T+98        BNP/MUFG
9/11 $1.0B  *Credit Suisse Baa2/BBB+ 6.25Y/NC5.25 Fxd-to-FRN +130 CS
9/11 $500M  *Credit Suisse Baa2/BBB+ 6.25Y/NC5.25 FRN +120   CS
9/11 $700m  *Sumitomo Mitsui Trust A1/A   2Y +67        C/DAIWA/GS/JPM
9/11 $300M  *Sumitomo Mitsui Trust A1/A   2Y FRN 3ml+44 C/DAIWA/GS/JPM
9/11 $500M  *Mitsubishi UFJ Leas&Fin A3/A 144a/RegS 5Y+95 BAML/C/JPM/MS
9/11 $200M  *Va. Elec.&Pwr A2/BBB+ RegS Tap Mar'23+70 RBC/SCOT/STRH/USB
9/11 $550M  *Va. Elec.&Pwr A2/BBB+ 30Y +110           RBC/SCOT/STRH/USB
9/11 $600M  *ENAP Baa3/BBB-/A 144a/RegS 30Y T+195         BAML/C/JPM
9/11 $500M  *BOC Aviation 5Y T+117.5 BOC/BNP/C/DBS/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/MUFG
9/11 $500M  *BOC Aviation 10Y T+140 BOC/BNP/C/DBS/GS/HSBC/JPM/MS/MUFG
9/11 $500M  *Tajikistan P(B3)debut bd 7.125% US:38%;EU35%; UK 24% C/RAFF
9/8 $500M  *Hasbro Inc. Baa1/BBB/BBB+ 10y +145 BAML/JPM
9/7 $500M  *Discovery Communs Baa3/BBB- ($6.3B Total) 2y T+95 C/CS/GS
9/7 $400M  *Discovery Communs Baa3/BBB- 2Y FRN: 3ml +71       C/CS/GS
9/7 $1.2B  *Discovery Communs Baa3/BBB- 5Y T+135              C/CS/GS
9/7 $1.7B  *Discovery Communs Baa3/BBB- 10Y T+195             C/CS/GS
9/7 $1.25B *Discovery Communs Baa3/BBB- 20Y T+235            C/CS/GS
9/7 $1.25B *Discovery Communs Baa3/BBB- 30Y T+255            C/CS/GS 
9/7 $1.0B  *Xerox Corp. Baa3/BBB-       5.5Y T+200    BAML/BNP/C/GS/JPM
9/7 $750M  *KeyBank A3/A- senior                 5Y +67  KEY/GS/MS
9/7 $500M  *Repub. of Tajikistan B3/B- RegS/Sr unsec 10Y 7.125% C/RBI
9/7 $1.0B  *Toronto Dominion Bank Aa2/AA- Green bond: 3Y +52 GS/NAB/TD
9/7 $1.34B *Sumitomo Life A1/A sub 60Y/NC10Y sub 4.00% BAML/GS/JPM/SMBC/NIKKO
9/7 $3.0B  *IADB Aaa/AAA global note 5Y: MS +12  BNP/GS/JPM/NOM
9/7 $500M  *Nederlandse Waterschapbank Aaa/AAA 18M FRN: 3ml+2 BARC/C
3/21 $500M Paraguay US$ sovrgn bond; March 20-21 rdshw (US,EU) Citi
2/9 $1.0B  AFD US$ RegS bond delayed Tues:choppy mkt  3Y  BARC/BNP/DB/JPM
2/9 TBD    Columbia Baa2/BBB/BBB Lg10Y+185s;Tap 5% Jun'45 +235s C/ITAU/MS
2/9 TBD    United Technologies A3/A- said Dec.14 will do debt early 2017
2/9 $350M  PG&E Corp Baa1/BBB mixed SEC shelf registration
2/2 TBD    Columbia Baa2/BBB/BBB Lg10Y+185s;Tap 5% Jun'45 +235s C/ITAU/MS
2/2 TBD    United Technologies A3/A- said Dec.14 will do debt early 2017
2/2 $350M  PG&E Corp Baa1/BBB mixed SEC shelf registration
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2017 U.S. Agency Calendar Funding Dates 
- Fannie Mae Benchmark Notes: 2017: Jan 4, Jan 25; Feb 23; March 1; March 16;
Apr 5; Apr 12; May 15; May 17; Jun 21; July 12; July 27; Aug 16; Sep 12; Oct 4;
Oct 17, Nov 15; Dec 20th;
- Freddie Mac Reference Notes: 2017: Jan 11, Jan 18; Feb 8, Feb 15; March 20;Apr
18; May 24; June 19; June 26; July 17; July 20; Aug 9; Sept 14; Sept 27; Oct 25;
Nov 13; Dec 6; Dec 14th
- FHLBanks Global Notes: 2017: Jan 19, Feb 13, Feb 28; March 8; March 22; Apr
26; May 10; June 7; June 28; July 5; Aug. 1; Aug. 23; Sept. 6; Oct. 11; Oct 19;
Nov. 8; Nov. 29; Dec. 4
Rumored/Pipeline PMC=Pending Market Conditions, TALK=Market Chatter,
NOTE=Reported Potential Deal RDS=Roadshow to Start, RDE=Roadshow Ended,
SHF=Shelf Filing
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