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Japan To Observe Holiday


Flattening Extends


Liquidity Sapped By Local Holiday


AUD Edges Lower After Volatile Wednesday


(Z1) Bearish Trend Condition

US Treasury Auction Calendar

February underway with 13W, 26W Bill auctions

1-Feb 1130ET $54B 13W-Bill (9127965A3), 0.065%
1-Feb 1130ET $51B 26W-Bill (912796C64), 0.070%
2-Feb 1130ET $30B 42D-Bill (9127964N6)
2-Feb 1130ET $30B 119D-Bill (912796A41)
4-Feb 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 2-Feb
4-Feb 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 2-Feb
8-Feb 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 4-Feb
8-Feb 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 4-Feb
9-Feb 1300ET TBA 3Y-Note 3-Feb
10-Feb 1300ET TBA 10Y-Note 3-Feb
11-Feb 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 9-Feb
11-Feb 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 9-Feb
11-Feb 1300ET TBA 30Y-Bond 3-Feb
16-Feb 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 11-Feb
16-Feb 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 11-Feb
17-Feb 1300ET TBA 20Y-Bond 11-Feb
18-Feb 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 16-Feb
18-Feb 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 16-Feb
18-Feb 1300ET TBA 30Y-TIPS 11-Feb
22-Feb 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 18-Feb
22-Feb 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 18-Feb
23-Feb 1130ET TBA 52W-Bill 18-Feb
23-Feb 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note 18-Feb
24-Feb 1130ET TBA 2Y-Note FRN R/O 18-Feb
24-Feb 1300ET TBA 5Y-Note 18-Feb
25-Feb 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 25-Feb
25-Feb 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 25-Feb
25-Feb 1300ET TBA 7Y-Note 18-Feb
1-Mar 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 25-Feb
1-Mar 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 25-Feb
4-Mar 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 2-Mar
4-Mar 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 2-Mar
8-Mar 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 4-Mar
8-Mar 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 4-Mar
9-Mar 1300ET TBA 3Y-Note 4-Mar
10-Mar 1300ET TBA 10Y-Note R/O 4-Mar
11-Mar 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 9-Mar
11-Mar 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 9-Mar
11-Mar 1300ET TBA 30Y-Bond R/O 4-Mar
15-Mar 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 11-Mar
15-Mar 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 11-Mar
16-Mar 1300ET TBA 20Y-Bond R/O 11-Mar
18-Mar 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 16-Mar
18-Mar 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 16-Mar
18-Mar 1300ET TBA 10Y-TIPS R/O 11-Mar
22-Mar 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 18-Mar
22-Mar 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 18-Mar
23-Mar 1130ET TBA 52W-Bill 18-Mar
23-Mar 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note 18-Mar
24-Mar 1130ET TBA 2Y-Note FRN R/O 18-Mar
24-Mar 1300ET TBA 5Y-Note 18-Mar
25-Mar 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 23-Mar
25-Mar 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 23-Mar
25-Mar 1300ET TBA 7Y-Note 18-Mar
29-Mar 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 25-Mar
29-Mar 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 25-Mar
1-Apr 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 30-Mar
1-Apr 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 30-Mar
5-Apr 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 1-Apr
5-Apr 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 1-Apr
8-Apr 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 6-Apr
8-Apr 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 6-Apr
12-Apr 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 8-Apr
12-Apr 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 8-Apr
12-Apr 1300ET TBA 3Y-Note 8-Apr
12-Apr 1300ET TBA 10Y-Note R/O 8-Apr
13-Apr 1300ET TBA 30Y-Bond R/O 8-Apr
15-Apr 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 13-Apr
15-Apr 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 13-Apr
19-Apr 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 15-Apr
19-Mar 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 15-Apr
20-Mar 1130ET TBA 52W-Bill 15-Apr
21-Apr 1300ET TBA 20Y-Bond R/O 15-Apr
22-Apr 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 20-Apr
22-Apr 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 20-Apr
22-Apr 1300ET TBA 5Y-TIPS 15-Apr
26-Apr 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 22-Apr
26-Apr 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 22-Apr
26-Apr 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note 22-Apr
26-Apr 1300ET TBA 5Y-Note 22-Apr
27-Apr 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note FRN 22-Apr
27-Apr 1300ET TBA 7Y-Note 22-Apr
29-Apr 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 27-Apr
29-Apr 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 27-Apr
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