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Price Signal Summary - USD Faces Selling Pressure


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- US TSYs have rallied and the curve...>

BOND SUMMARY: - US TSYs have rallied and the curve has flattened over the past
hour. The 10-year yield has edged down to 3.1397% from 3.153% while the 2s10s
spread has narrowed to 24.3bps from 24.99bps.
- The JGB curve has flattened slightly following the release of weaker than
expected GDP data for Q3 (in annualised terms).
- Bunds have lacked direction this morning. The 10-year benchmark trades in a
0.382/0.397% range and the curve is broadly flat on the day.
- BTPs sold off sharply at the open as Rome refuses to back down on its budget
plans. At one point the 2-year yield surged to 1.1499% from 1.014% at
yesterday's close, before pulling back to 1.072%.    
- Our MNI Exclusive story this morning indicates that Spain is not planning new
ultra-long issues in 2019. The 10s30s curve has steepened slightly - currently
trading at 112.1bps off a morning low of 108.9bps.
- Gilts have sold off on the back of concerns that PM May will struggle to gain
support for the proposed withdrawal agreement. 
- Euro$ futures are broadly flat, Euribor futures strip has flattened slightly.